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This quote is significant;


 “You can eat all the healthiest foods in the world and exercise every single day, but if you have not addressed your spiritual self, you will never truly be healthy.” 


Some may ask: what is the spiritual side?


Your spiritual energy emanates from your body and gives you that radiant glow or aura. You may have witnessed this glow or aura on yourself or others. You may have even felt it beaming from your face out into the world.


Very often we fail to tune into our spiritual selves and really honor the energetic side of us.


Our spiritual energy needs to be cared for, nourished and protected just as much as our physical body.  I have always sensed spirit and the need for a connection to this aspect, I remember as a child wondering how come the spiritual side was only ever talked about at church and only regarding life after death.  This sent the message to me, that our spirit was important after death….


What was not recognized in my youth was that Spirit is an integral part of our body, of our mind… with out connection and interaction with this aspect of ourselves we feel like there is always something missing. 


My 3.5-hour workshops introduce a deep understanding of Energy, (our Spirit, Soul is made up of Energy) of how it is an integral aspect of who we are, and it is influence by our understanding.  Knowledge is power. 


If you want to learn more about your energy, and how to connect to your spirit on a deeper level, try one of these workshops out.  Its an investment in yourself and can only enhance your life.



This energetic side of us rules over our intuition and is our internal compass. It helps us to feel connected to something greater than just ourselves and it helps to guide us through all of life’s decisions.


If you are feeling drained despite sleeping well, if you are struggling to find the joy even though everything in your life is going well, it could be because you need to restore and replenish this spiritual energy.


Other signs that you need to restore your spiritual energy include:

Feeling out of place or like you don’t belong

Lacking enthusiasm for your life, even though you are achieving your goals. It is a feeling like you lack purpose.

Wanting to feel, see and understand life on a deeper and more profound level

Feeling constantly stressed or anxious

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