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When our beliefs about ourselves come from under the age of 7 we end up struggling in many areas of our lives.

There are So many wonderful teachers teaching how to connect to our true self, to see The World from the positive rather than from the negative. 
We can get lost in the many options, I have combined a few that truly changed my life. 
Come check this out, it is a free evening...


Most people have different unbalanced beliefs about themselves...
Many are unaware of them!!
They are connected in a broad way with a feeling...
They inter fear in all aspects of life...
They; "fog" Spirit...
They; "fog" all interpretation of other peoples behaviors...

Taking the time to see how they are playing a role in your life is self-care, self-loving and empowering...

What are you waiting for?

Start your New Year with a gift of understanding yourself!!!




Do you struggle with the connection between trigger events and over reactions?


This evening offers information regarding aspects of "Mind, Body & Spirit" connection, via investigation.  Investigation of the connections between triggers and reactions...

I like to refer to this as Dancing in the Shadows or Shadow Work.


The Conscious Mind and the Sub Conscious Mind.


How the chakras are key aspects of our Body & Soul.


The way the Mind, Body, and Spirit/Soul communicate and how to recognize this communication.


I find that one of the most overlooked aspects of daily life is a deep connection to the body when we are considering the spirit.


Our Spirit Chose this Body, this Mind to be part of 3 necessary aspects while on this journey.


What is the Mind?


The Conscious Mind and SubConscious Mind communicate via our body.


If one aspect of the "Body, Spirit & Mind" is dismissed, ignored or bypassed how can we obtain any peace, balance and clear connection to a purpose?


I fell into this process by combining teachings from, Caroline Myss, Teal Swan, Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, Pema Chodron,  Dr. Jane Simington and many more.


The energy of the words said by one teacher would show me a connection to the energy of the words from another teacher and the connection made sense to me.  I began testing this out on my sister first, then it became my purpose to share this connection of information that is out there with all who were interested.


Many different Teachings of Shadow Work available.


Teachers referred to in this Intro:

  • Dr. Jane Simington

  • Caroline Myss

  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes’

  • Robert Augustus Masters

  • James L. Allen

  • Susan David

  • PsychK - Rob Williams

  • Diederik



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