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I am a Mystic

Words that support my journey as a mystic:

The “mystic” for me is a professional in spiritual practice.

A mystic is somebody who dedicates his life to what I call the inner science of consciousness. Thomas Hubl

I love the mystery of the Journey!

I love the mystery and wonder of the Body that we are on this journey with!

I love the mystery of Home being in the Center of our Body!

I love the mystery of our Souls Guidance, both heard and unheard!

I love that no one truly knows where the Soul is in this Body!

It is a Mystery!

I love that our Mind is our Interpreter of all this amazing Language

and even when we are maybe challenged, none of the mystery changes.

What changes is our Access to the Mystery.

If the journey is a challenge, and even a bit tiresome and lonely, I Invite you to join me in the exploration and wonder of your journey home.


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