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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

For years I have asked,


What could cause someone to do that to me?

The positive mind movement has claimed ‘What you resist, persists’

I resisted being abused from early on in life, yet it continued to happen.

Was it my fault then?

Even thought most say it wasn’t, I could not believe them.


The preverbal question, who hasn’t asked why at one point in life.

Why did it happen?

Why would God let it happen?

Why doesn’t it stop?

Why am I the one who has to work so hard?

Should I stop resisting abuse? Will that stop it?

Years spent in these questions with no light at the end of the tunnel.

If you know me at all, you know I spend all my available time and energy studying, searching for some measure of light in this journey.

My passion in life is the human condition and recently I have discovered that my passion is :


Not the aspect that puts me above another,

not the aspect that competes with another,

nor the aspect that wants all focus On me.

The aspect that is waiting for me to remember who I am.

The aspect that loves without agenda or competition.

The aspect of me that knows love, light, & divine.

Each thing I have studied has brought me closer to this aspect of me.

Revealing an inner knowing that is merging with my body and mind.

This is moved me from ‘Why’



Behind the life I have lived,

the experiences I have had

and the things I choose to believe.

What isn't able to move,

to be freed from my body,

even though it has been released

from my spirit

and my mind?

I invite you to be curious about the need for Why and if you are willing, I invite you to be curious about what has been blocked in you.

And one more invitation,

to be curious about what it would be like to honour what has been in the way.


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