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Am I the right fit for you?

How will you know?

I wanted to share with you some things about me, this might help you know.

Why I do what I do.

It is not for status, or for another to need me or my services.

It is for another to find their inner power, their inner truth and tap into that.

Then to fly away.

Are you looking for a person to do the work for you?

Are you looking for a person like you?

Are you looking for someone who is perfect?

Are you with me because someone told you to be?

Are you with me because deep within you hear a voice that says, this person will guide you to regaining your power?

I am so grateful for the gift of being for myself and for those who choose to come and spend time on their journey with me.

I experienced my first brain injury at 4 years old, I have experienced 4 very significant brain injuries in my life, not to mention extensive trauma in my childhood.

All of these events interfere with the brains development and functioning, as a result I stutter sometimes, take a bit longer to learn things and reading takes considerable effort. These are huge for me, yet I work with them. Another result of this is that I am clearly not the best at Grammar and Spelling, I never have been.

Yet I do have a great message.

There are many who will focus on my spelling errors and or my grammatical errors. This is a great signal for them, that I am not the right fit for them. This is not a bad thing, this is authentic, listen to this.

There are times when I have to read verbatim the words I have written because if I do not the message will be delivered in a way that does not have the intended impact. If this does not work for you, LISTEN to that.

That is Authentic.

I am here to bring a message, to share my way of healing, my perspective on some tremendous teachings and how energetically they have linked together and changed my life.

I am not here to be the only one for all to learn from.

I am different from all that is out there because I am different. So are you!

We are all designed with different needs and if you invest in one who is not a fit for you then you are not being authentic.

I love doing what I do, I also love knowing if I am not a fit for you, there is one that is and if I can, I will direct you in that direction.

This is not personal. This is Authentic.

Being me has taken a lot of work, and I will not be who others need all the time. I may even harm them with my inability to be who they need unintentionally.

I send love to you all, in the hopes that you will come across who you need to assist you on your journey.

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