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April 10 2017 - Whats My trade?

My trade is Shadows, Grief and Love

The phobia of change is a shadow, filled with grief, void of love.

On could say that "My commerce is: Phobias"

  • unwillingness to learn something new about things we believe. With language, “we know all there is to know about it, so why learn something new?”

  • unwillingness to learn about somethings that may have been kept from you. Using language, “If I needed to know it would have been revealed to me.”

Sometimes I find it so tough to see people who are not living…

Sometimes I wish they knew they were in a state of “Withholding”

Sometimes I wish they knew they were understanding that this withholding, blocks what they desire.

I wish others can see and understand this is withholding goods, assets, freedoms.

Sometimes I struggle with what is not mine to care about, not mine to do anything about…

People - genuinely believe that they are learning friendly, that the older one gets they assume they naturally get wiser.

They are alive but not living…

It is sad that people are not willing to go beyond their phobias

Beyond the belief: “that what is available will not harm them.”

What is your fear?

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