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April 14 2014 - Apologizing

Do you find you apologize a lot?

Do you know others who, apologize way too much?

Does this bother you?

Have you ever asked yourself "Why?"

Have you ever wondered what this is about?...

I know over my life I have seen it as manipulation.

I have seen it used as a tool to quickly end the current experience, as a defense mechanism.

What could the need to apologize be about?

I have come to an understanding that the need to apologize is coming from a deep core issue surrounding shame.

Shame is crippling and holds one prisoner in every waking and sleeping moment.

Deep shame causes fear to be a dominant part of our everyday existence.

Fear of our true shame being exposed.

Fear of creating more shame.

Our very existence becomes consumed with shame.

One of my favorite writers and teachers on shame is Dr Brene Brown.

I encourage you to check her information out if you can relate to these words.


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