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April 20 2014 - My Visual experience never matched My Audio experience or my Empathic experience

My journal of trying to understand information, theories that is coming to me from many directions....  

Nothing I write here is truth for anyone but me....

Many times in my life I have heard the term "Audio Learners" compared against "Visual Learners"

Some people need to see how to do something, while others only need to read or hear about how to do something.

While reading is still a visual learning it can be placed under audio because if something is read aloud to me and I close my eyes I learn just as fast as if I am watching someone do something.

Most of my life I have been an audio learner, it is my perception it is because of a brain injury sustained as a child.  I could learn visually better when the audio matched the visual, then a second brain injury sustained as an adult made visual learning very difficult, reading became a challenge.  

Gratefully I opened myself up to audio books and was able to continue learning...

In the past 4 years the visual learning has begun to improve, am I teaching another part of my brain to do what the damaged part use to do?

Who knows, all I know is that I am able to learn once again via visual if the audio matches it.

Why all this chatter????

This morning I was listening to a sound therapist talking and a major AHA!!! shifted my perception on how and why I learn the way I do.

It is my understanding that when we decide to come into this life, we are creating a desire from a perspective that is not yet flesh.

When we are implanted in an embryo we first experience the 3rd dimension through energy and audio transmissions, because we do not have eyes that can see.

When we have transitioned through the birth canal we open our eyes for the first time, yet we are not able to interpret what we are seeing.

We continue to experience the 3rd dimension with our audio and energetic tools yet some of us choose to ignore the energetic information, some choose to ignore the audio information,  and some choose to ignore visual information.


Audio learners could never buy into the physical reality because what they saw did not match what they heard!

These are the children who can not learn in a school system that is biased purely on Visual.

They can be found lost in a movie or video game because the audio matches the visual.

Visual learners are souls who maybe could not cope with the contrast between what they saw and what they heard so they shut down the audio to find a way to function in this dimension.

These are the children who can not learn in a school system that is biased purely on Audio, multi-sensory.

They can be found in a corner lost in a book....

What about those who are energetic learners?  

Where do they fit?  

How do they learn?

For me it was a nightmare!

What I saw did not match what I heard or what I felt....

I had to shut off the feeling side and the visual side to hear what was going on, or I had to shut off the audio and feeling sides to see what others wanted me to see.

With all this shutting off, learning was horrible, I beleived I could not learn.

I struggled through life and kept bumping into the "Shut off!" parts of me.

Navigating via Trauma Recovery, Soul Retrieval assisted in integration of those "Shut Off" aspects.

Learning for me is; Visual, Hearing, and Feeling, it is when I incorporated all of these aspects I learnt...

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