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Dawn following the longest night of 2020

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn December 21st, 2020 – The Age Of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius’ ultimate goal is individual freedom and liberation. Having liberated ourselves from the collective karma of humanity during the Age of Pisces, which is now coming to an end, we are gradually starting to transition into having more and more individual freedom (Aquarius).

Good morning, as I awake from the longest night of the year, I become very curious about the many ‘What’s’ in my life.

As you read, I invite you to explore curiosity for yourself. Becoming curious about oneself, it a key aspect to growth.

The What’s.

- What have I been taught?

A dear friend of mine wrote an interesting understanding of this moment in time.

How interesting that the star of Bethlehem is probably 2 planets, not a star. The light it makes is actually from our own Sun…. In our own Galaxy. It was seen as a guiding Star. Examining old beliefs in the light of new information is healthy. Perhaps the Light in our lives comes from within, where the Divine Light lives if we follow it. Lori Aliche.

I became curious about this and how it changes the way I see things, and my understanding of what I was taught. If the Age of Aquarius is to bring the science into our awareness, then this really releases me from the dogma of what I was taught.

- What is holding me back? - What am I no longer sure of?

- What have I let go of? - What am I hanging on to?

- What do I know for sure? - What I have yet to learn?

- What I have yet to integrate? - What do I trust?

- What can I do now?

Inviting curiosity as I think about goals:

- The possibility I don’t have any goals. - Am I judging myself for this?

- Do I have any goals? - If I have goals, are they supportive

to my Autonomic Nervous System?

- Will these goals assist me into integration?

- Will they keep me in the Dorsal Vagal Freeze pattern of bypassing supported by the “positive mind movement”?

Allowing curiosity in regard to self-trust.

- Do I have boundaries? - If so, what are they?

- If not, become curious about that?

- What are healthy boundaries? - How can I develop healthy boundaries?

- How can I leave self-judgment behind and bring in acceptance?

- How can I set this practice as a new routine?

As I become more curious about the things I say to myself, without judgment I have begun to bring in more self-trust.

The term or action of trust has been taught as an external action.

I invite you to contemplate how it is far more beneficial as an internal act.

It’s not about trusting anyone else, it’s evident that there are a lot of people that we are confused about trusting.

I invite you to ponder, the possibility that it may be more about trusting they will do what they have always done and begin to pay attention to how you respond to them.

Do you trust yourself to be compassionate with yourself when with them?

If not, do not be with them.

That is the beginning of a boundary, a desire to change internal patterns is a start, and a big one.

As I become more curious about the way I am compassionate towards myself, I notice I need a boundary.

Am I less compassionate to myself because others have not shown me compassion?

I took this image from the SETI Facebook Page.

I am curious about my struggle with compassion for myself and question if it is a result of being caught in the fable;

'do unto others what I would want done to me'?

The one that makes me the scape goat, the only one doing the work.

Can I just notice inside what arises with that statement?

I invite you to offer an honoring of this experience without needing to judge or change it.

This is self-compassion and change follows self-compassion.

As I become curious about ways, I can appreciate myself, I invite light into my being, into my mind and begin to luminate my life.

Curiosity allows light, opens one up to the possibility of being luminated.

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