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Dec 21 2014 - My Dolly

Vickie was a Woman, a Lover, a Mother,

a Daughter, a Sister, a Niece, a Cousin,

a Granddaughter, and a Friend.

But to me Vickie will always be

one of my precious Dollies.

It was under my heart Vickie grew flesh

It was through my four children were,

I learned of a love beyond words.

Vickie was always first to forgive me,

no matter my mistakes

and there were many…

Vickie’s smile lit up the very world around her.

When Vickie loved, there was no limits.

Vickie’s passion fueled this love

and her sting left no one guessing.

Vickie’s passion still holds us all together.

Those who didn’t love Vickie, didn’t know her.

There was no in between for Vickie.

Watching Vickie become a woman,

eager to learn and understand life,

forced me to let her go

and let her find her own way.

It forced me to see that my dream for her,

Had not consider her dreams.

Vickie helped me see her as a separate person.

That she was her own person, on her own path.

This was not for lack of love

or as result of any malice.

It was who Vickie was,

utterly unwilling to be

what others wanted her to be.

Vickie battled her shadows

and asked only to be loved enough

to be free, to make her own choices.

People came to Vickie,

they knew she would not judge.

This is evident in the many lifelong

friendships she had.

Many of whom are with us today.

This past year Vickie gifted me with her healing journey, with her fears and her accomplishments.

It was a gift to hear pride in Vickie’s

voice again, it brought deep joy to my soul.

Meeting some of those Vickie grew with during her stay at the Marguerite Center,

gifted me one more time, with an opportunity

to know others who knew the real Vickie.

It is such a blessing to be with Vickie friends,

out East, then in Saskatoon last week.

Being with ones who loved my Dolly,

reminds me of her gift to us all.

Thank you, Vickie, for teaching me the true gift of love and the true gift of letting go.

In letting go I was able to see a love for life,

blossom in Vickie again.

Though I am no longer able to hold Vickie in my arms,

I will forever hold her in my heart,

And share her with whoever wants to know her.


It is my promise to share with your children

The joy of you, the gift of you,

your shadows

and your love.

So they may know you as I do.

Love always


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