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Empath - Jan 26 2013

I am a Empath, who has not only struggled with this through out my life, and found a way to acceptance.  I have discovered the gift of Empathy in my life.

I don't claim to know lots, for I am ever a student of this gift.

I am learning about rock bottom...

That it is a place I have succumbed to and a place I have no control over.

I have been aware of my empathic abilities for most of my life, I just did not know how to explain them until about 10 years ago...

I began a spiritual journey in 1998 after a traumatic event resulting in a major injury that forced me into accepting that I was operating under the illusionairy belief that I was actually in control of my body and my life.

I was never attracted to the Spiritually Better Than... movement, I believe this is because I knew inherently that:

Spirituality is not something that one is, rather something you do.  

I understood that Spirituality is a verb as well as an adjective, rather than a noun. 

In the book Recovery - - The Sacred Art: The Twelve Steps as Spiritual Practice by  Rami Shapiro  is a sentence that really speaks to me:

"Spirituality refers to behaviors designed to free you from the delusion that your life can be controlled and the illusion that you are controlling it."

I am writing this blog, not because I have mastered life as an empath, but because I have succumbed to the madness of an Empath.  

To say I have mastered my empathic ability is to play God.  

To admit that I am powerless over life is to be surrendered to the fact that I am not God, I am not in Control, I will never be in control.

The belief that I know what I am doing is a trap...

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