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Feb 1 2017 - Hearing the worst news... 4 years prior to the event...

I heard my daughter was going to die Jan 8 2010.....

Panic set in and I dove right into the savor mode.

I am her mother, I can change this, I imagined what I heard.

I won't survive this!!!!!

The day I heard my daughter was going to die set me on a path of learning I never considered.

I loved the human condition and to study it as often as I got the chance.  Never once did I think that I would need more skills than I had, more strength than I could possibly imagine.

Creator began preparing me for the day when this would happen.

I began going to a local meditation group and discovered to my horror people playing in the field of energy with no principles, no structure or guidance.  I witnessed each participant psychically leave their bodies and enter another participants body randomly, no real purpose or direction...

I was mortified.  I broke universal law and grounded these many participants in their bodies fully aware of the possible price I would pay for not asking permission.  I asked Creator "if this was why I was drawn to this meditation group" and got a "YES!".


The meditation was guided into various mystical dimensions by a facilitator who had never traveled to the dimensions that were being introduced, I saw a group of people learning about this and not paying heed to any warnings.

So I continued to attend and ground the participants.  Over the next few weeks I introduced myself to these wonderful souls and shared what I had been doing.  The facilitator and participants welcomed my grounding and presence as the group grew to around 20 plus participants.

I can't recall how long this continued, but I can recall when I knew I was no longer supposed to ground the participants.  I had brought up grounding and the responsibility of this when dabbling in the mystical realms repeatedly each time the group gathered to learn and meditate, it was time for them to be responsible for themselves and the facilitator to practice responsible guidance...


It was time for me to walk away and see what it was that I got from that experience.  This was of course overlooked by my need to save people so I continued going and grounding people.  The universe then allowed many emotions and jealousy to enter the group, as the participants began to turn to me for direction rather than the facilitator.  It did not matter that I would re-direct them to the facilitator or not, the universe had told me to step down, step back, to leave.  I didn't listen so the facilitator politely asked to leave the group!...  I laughed at it almost instantly, I knew I had not listened to creators signs.

Gratefully I had some experience with my ego and saw that I should have left the group long ago and if I had listened when I first got the messages, signs, it would not have turned the way it did.

How many times in our lives are there subtle signs that we ignore, dismiss, or convince ourselves we made them up?

I learnt that I heard death coming!  My mother-in-law came to me in a dream and told me she would be dead in 7 days.

If we can’t recognize the inability in our parents to meet our needs, we will not be able to recognize the inability in others to not meet our needs.

We become dysfunctional independent people.  Unable to see love in ourselves thus blocking love from others.

Others loved us with lessons. 

We chose those lessons regardless of our beliefs. 

If your mind doesn’t notice the small blessings you will miss the large blessings.

There is a difference between learning and really changing our behaviors

We trick ourselves into believing we are on a spiritual path when we are really gathering spiritual information.

food for thought


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