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Feb 2 2013 -Self reflection

When I have looked back over my actions, regarding my relationships in life, be they my parenting, a spouse or friendships to understand my part in the trials.  Many perceive that sometimes it is to cast blame... or to feel guilty... or to feel sorry for myself.

Even though I have truly clarified that is never about casting blame, guilt or self-pity... others do not believe me...

So I began to investigate this, why is it that the moment I share my part in any given situation people perceive that it falls under the 3 categories???

Our conditioning consciously or subconsciously takes us down that path....

We have been taught that self-investigation is a trap that keeps one traumatized or assists in victimizing others.

To me self-reflection is about seeing the situation from an outsiders perspective so that I can own my actions, my choices regardless of where they come from.  Then I can decide if I like the outcome of my actions or didn't, then I can choose to repeat or change my actions.

I can apologize for my actions and commit to myself a different choice. In doing this I am honoring myself, which creates within me an ability to honor another.  It is through these choices, this reflection that I am supporting my choice to live a life of integrity.

This is how I am taking my power back...

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