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Grief for me on Feb 7 2015

I forgot.

I managed to go out to the store.

Out of my mind and body, I forgot.

I forgot my note book, my memory stick.

I forgot why I needed it.

Back to the house, I forgot why.

I forgot my list.

I forgot my dog.

I forgot my coat.

I forgot where I put it all.

Its a small place.

I forgot where I put my glasses.

My dog was sick, I kept having to clean up after her.

I forgot where I put the cleaning supplies.

I forgot my phone at Save-on

I forgot to put the truck in park. I got out and it kept moving.

I did that twice in 5 minutes.

I forgot where I put my glasses again. I forgot everything.

I was frustrated because of my forgetfulness.

I was asked if I was out of my body. Yes, I answered, I forgot where I put that to.


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