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Jan 31 2017 - Its been over a year

Its been over a year since I wrote anything that I felt I could commit to this blog.

My writing has been sporadic, I have taken notes about things I am listing to, written wise directions for myself to follow and many, many feelings and emotions I experience day to day living after the loss of my daughter.

I feel strange as I consider posting a blog after so long, as I realize this blog is for me, the strange feelings lift.

I began my blogging journey discussing Empathy and my Empath-ic abilities.

I saw so many people who struggled with these abilities and thought if my blog eased the mind of just one person it was worth writing.

I know I do not have the grammar and spelling thing down, in fact I am not that great of a writer, but the pull to write is deep within me so I muddle along.

I laugh at myself each and every time I write a paragraph because I am learning how to pick up on my own mistakes, and I thank Creator for the gift given to the creators of software with spell check....  

Oh well, at least I enjoy this experience.

I will attempt blogging again, with the hopes that I feel the release needed through this venue.


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