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September 23 2014 - One of the consistent themes of today is to go within.

There are so many modalities available to go within today, how does one know which one is right?

Each modalities goal is to bring you to the present moment, to connect you to who you are in this moment.  To remind you of who you have always been, and to show you that you are who you were meant to be. 

Some can seem invasive to some people and completely liberating to another person.

There is no wrong way into an inner relationship with yourself.

If the way you are investigating leads you to a negative place, be grateful for the lesson.  

Be kind to yourself and let go so that you can try another way.  

As you continue on your path, the way that works for you will appear.  Or like me, you will try many things, experience a shift with each modality and then trip over a combination of all you have experienced, studied and tried on.  

This is how I found Shadow Work.  It is still working for me.

My Shadow work is not anyone teaching, it is a combination of all I have studied.  There are many different ways of doing Shadow Work.  Some can be invasive and leave one open, exposed and raw.  This is not how I facilitate the work, I prefer a gentler approach.

One of the many reasons people are hesitant to try Shadow Work is the belief that if the focus on their shadow then they will attract, Shadows, negative. Or they will be stuck in a never-ending cycle of Shadow work.

Shadow work for me is not a negative, "I do not attract Shadows!"

I get up each day and go to work, I work on being present and as life happens, chaos says: "oh you look like you need something to do!"

It could be as simple as this morning, I was having difficulty with one of my daughter's dogs and he was not happy with me.  I continued on my way doing my daily stuff and then could not find the dog. I searched and searched and thought he must have got out of the yard when I took out the garbage. 

So off I go, mad and calling this dog with a treat in my hand.  Like a dog is going to come to you when you are mad, lol.  So I tried to check within, I tried to calm down but I was too mad to hear.

So 45 minutes of running around the neighborhood calling his name.  Trying to listen to my intuition hearing "HOME" I gave up and thought maybe he would come home. I wasn't in the house 30 seconds and there he was.  He hadn't got out of the yard, but where had he been when I searched for him?  I will never know.

For me it was the being mad at him that triggered this, I held onto the frustration of him not listening to me.  I was frustrated and did not release that frustration, so naturally, it will become more.  

Whatever we resist persists. 

I needed physical exercise to release the anger.  The awareness of possibly losing the dog also brought me back into the connection of him and removed the resistance to him.

This is an example of daily shadow work.  It took only as long as I resisted, he was at home all the time and I heard "HOME" but was too disconnected from me to acknowledge it.  

The energy that frustration holds actually can harm me if I don't release it.  It can attract reasons to be frustrated even more.  It blocks one's ability to hear their inner voice, inner wisdom.  

When I hold the belief that I shouldn't be frustrated, I am actually in resistance.  

What we resist persists.

Shadow work is finding what beliefs I hold that are no longer working for me, giving me the tools to release the energy stored in those beliefs so that it might be used to benefit me in my everyday life.

Shadow work brings light into darkness...

More light comes in the more I do my work.

I am attracting light via the freedom I experience from going into my shadow.

May light follow you where ever you go.


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