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July 9 2014- Shadow Work - probing around the Sub Conscious Mind in order to heal. Carl Jung

Why does Trauma go unresolved?

Have you heard of a Trauma Scale?

Our Thoughts are the 1st Sign of a trauma scale.

  • I wasn’t hit, I was only yelled at!

Do you find yourself thinking: 

  • “I just need to get over it!”

  • “I just need to get through this day!”

  • “When is this day going to end?”

  • “What did I do to deserve this?”

  • "I just need to begin with positive affirmations!"

  • "They had it worse than me"

All of this thinking gets in the way of what one desires, positive affirmations work when they are fused with energetic power that is not trapped in a historical pattern this "Paradigm" that is no longer working for us.

All of this thinking defines our definition of Trauma. It is one way we are blocking our desires, we feel it needs to be great big to be looked at.  If it is not great big, then we tell ourselves it was nothing, to just get over it.

If we define what happens to our children as "not great big" and "tell them to get over it", or "you are not really hurt",  then we are doing the same thing to them that was done to us.

We are creating a society of people who don't know themselves, who don't trust themselves and who abandon and betray themselves because of energy trapped in historical data.

How do we know our energy is trapped in a historical pattern?

Ask yourself;




Chances are there is no foundation for what you believe because it did not originate with you, it came with your culture, just like your language, your skin color, and your environment.

Chances are most of what one believes, comes via an inheritance from our surroundings up to the age of 21.

We spend the balance of our lives trying to live up to our beliefs or to disprove them, without understanding that the process of shifting energetic power out of core beliefs that no longer work for us is not a logical process.

Our Conscious Mind is where our intellect operates, it is not physical, it is not emotional nor is it spiritual.  It is rational, yet our conscious mind relies on the Sub Conscious Mind to follow through.

William James of Harvard in 1900 stated: "Deposit the idea in the treasury of your Sub Conscious mind."

If your Treasury is full of historical data the new deposit will float on the surface of an overloaded system.

The minute life happens the new deposit will be pushed aside by the waves that we find ourselves swimming in.

Shadow work has been around for over 75 years and is really a successful tool.  

It's not about forever needing a facilitator to assist you through your shadow, because once you are familiar with the process you are able to recognize when you need to visit your shadow and how to move through it quite quickly.

May the grace I found in my Shadow be what you find in yours.

Light and Love


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