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June 18 2014 - Peter Pans desire to re-attach his shadow, we try to detach ours!

Do you remember the Myth of Peter Pans game of chasing his shadow, trying to re-attach it to his body?

It was as if he knew that without his shadow some part of him was lost, could it be because his true self could only manifest through the shadow? In this photo, it appears as if he is using Soap to reattach his shadow to his feet. Soap - interesting metaphor.

In all my experiences I have yet to run into someone who truly wants to see their own shadow all the time, I don't always want to see my shadow. I run into many who have wanted to "clean their shadow" could the idea of attaching the shadow with soap be symbolic to many who wish the shadow was clean.

I have had many experiences where I wanted to cut my shadow free from my person.  It was not very comforting to know that it was completely attached to me. I have stuffed it away, avoided it with ferociousness, denied it, lied to it, lied about it, screamed at it....

All to no avail, shame drove me to run away from it with all my abilities quickly.  

Shame drove me to language it away, to pretend it was not there.

Shame drove all memory of it from my mind.

Yet my shadow followed me where ever I went, one day after years of battling I just sat observing it, listening before being able to sit with it for a while in complete acceptance of it.

I discovered that the fear was more painful than my shadow than all that I avoided.

I did not have to re-live anything from my past, I just had to find a matching grant, find a gift and my shadow released the infinite power that filled me with joy, with strength and wisdom.

I will do shadow work for the rest of my life...


Because life is made up of what we believe...

And the desire to be more....

Shadows hold the electric current that our desires need to be attained.

Shadow work involves going within to recognize core beliefs that hold back personal power to shift things in your life to match your desires.

Shadow work is, in essence, the soap needed to set one free of the beliefs that are no longer working for us.

Shadow work is not a onetime thing, it is a way of life, and those who dip their feet in and taste a moment of personal power hunger for that feeling without even knowing.

I am grateful for my shadow, and would defiantly reattach it if it ever was separated from me.


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