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June 30 2014- A Bald Eagle flys overhead for 2 Min.....

Message:  Spirit -Trust in your Higher Self.  Stephen Farmer.

Your Conscious Mind is meant to be the receiver and the transmitter of the urgings of your Higher Self. Translating information sent from Spirit, through pure awareness into the physical realm.  Stephen Farmer.

My soul soared with the Eagle in absolute AWE!   I was mesmerized, completely under the Eagles spell.  2 minutes felt like a life time.  I was open to any and all messages.

This is what came to me;

If our Conscious Mind is weighed down by the SubConsious Mind's Historical Data, how can it interpret the Spirit messages through a clear lens?

If our SubConsious Mind contains our energetic current, when we work with energy we are essentially working with our SubConsious Mind.

If our Historical Data holds energetic currents created between birth and 21 that no longer serve the greatest good, how can the energy work we do travel through a clear host?

All questions I have asked for many years, after spending years having people lay their hands on me to heal me, to release me from the devils grip and save me in Christ's name, to be filled with Spirit. (Energy)

Only to be infused with all their energetic fear and judgment without them even knowing how much they were harming me.

It took years for me to release me from the energy of those "faith healers" only because I didn't realize what was actually happening to me at the time.

I am hesitant in allowing anyone to practice energy healing on me because of the experiences of the Faith Movement.

Then while having tea with someone I would have loved to call my friend only to find out that the only reason she invited me over was to see me as her client and give me a

Reiki Healing.

I was not willing to go there so I politely dismissed myself, tea was over.

Back to my download:

One way I know how to interpret the messages is:

- if the thoughts & messages pull me in a self defeating direction, that is not promoting change in me.

My EGO is referring to my energetic current, that is held in Historical Data from my subconscious Mind, created prior to age 21.

If my EGO is alerting me of thoughts filled with information that will lead me forward in a direction that will benefit my life and those around me, it is referring to my energetic current that is Newer Data held in my subconscious Mind.

New Data is activated by the shifting of an energetic current from Historical Data into "Affirmations" that may have been data stored in your SubConscious Mind that could not hold an energetic current until the original data released "it's hold" on the energy.

Shadow Work is the only way I have succeeded in shifting the energetic current....

Not changing the historical data, just releasing it's hold on my energy....

Thus changing my life forever....

Check it out if you have a moment....

In Grace & Love


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