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June 6 2014 - When I don't know my true self, my shadow is where I go.

I am not always aware when my Shadow does not reflect who I think I am.

How do I recognize this?

If I find myself wanting to avoid how I am feeling.

If I find myself upset because someone was rude or disrespectful to me or did not do what I hoped they would do.

If I find myself angry.

If I find myself reacting to situations and events around me.

If I find myself manipulating others.

Sometimes I need to step out of the situation and accept that I am avoiding, resisting or just plain being a 2 year old, which is completely possible for me.  Especially if I haven’t taken time for me, if I haven’t had enough rest or eaten properly. 

I then work on forgiving myself for my present need to avoid, or to resist what I am in the mist of.

I know that in the moment I may not want to do shadow work at the moment, that all I may want to do is react.

I also know that I am human and can only do what I am capable of doing, that as I accept this, I remove myself from resistance.

Stepping out of resistance eases the emotions in the moment.

So maybe I am only capable of that today and am okay with this.

I am learning to own who I am in the moment and just be with me.

May you all learn how to just be with yourself, and let your shadow reflect the true you.


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