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May 18 2014 - Saving my work and honoring the teachers I learnt from.

It is amazing to me how I receive messages at times, I am forever in awe of the universes way of communicating with me.

I am not certain I will ever get used to it, and thus I imagine, I will forever be in love with the synchronicity of this journey.

I have been studying the dark side of myself for all of my adult life, I have followed so many teachers to the point of exhaustion as I dug deeper to the root of my many trials and tribulations in life.

When my extra sensory abilities surfaced after years of being buried under all the "Cultural Language" I could find from the Bible and the many Psychologists I had the pleasure of being analyzed by, I was terrified.

Gratefully I came across Sonia Choquette among many others who helped me to trust that I was not Schizophrenic and did not need to be locked away in a Nuthouse for the balance of my life.

Dr Jane Simington guided me through "Soul Retrieval"

Caroline Myss taught me discipline and commitment.

Clarrisa Pinkola Este's taught me the mystery and the mythology of my journey.

Doreen Virtue taught me to trust my angels and my Crystal, Indigo nature.

Eckart Tole taught me how to be in the now.

While at the Willpower Institute I learned how to meditate and to instruct others in the ability to not follow the monkey mind.

Pema Chodron taught me how not to get so caught up in doing things right, just to keep trying.

Teal Swan, teaching me about how I can come to terms with my daughters struggle to live a human life without a substance and keep living myself.

So here I am today, with so many more teachers to acknowledge and my own work beginning to flood my mind with so much joy and excitement.

Where did I get that info?  

If I write it, I want to honor the teacher I learned it from!

I just don't remember who I learned what from anymore.  

I do know that if not for these many teachers, I would not know all that I know.

It is my desire to write what I know, to teach what I know without dishonoring any of the teachers I have learned from.

As I type my shadow work lessons, I pray I do not do any of these great teachers a disservice by teaching what I know.

I am so excited as it is being printed on 36" x 22" Blue Print Paper as I type now.  I can't wait to see it.

In Gratitude

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