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Me, Myself and I

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Somatic Experiencing a has opened an entirely different world for me.

It has given me a new language and with this new language I have a new relationship with me, myself and I.

Learning the language of my Autonomic Nervous System was like learning about an entirely different person at first, it felt as though I never really knew this person. And I knew, felt it really knew me. In an eerie way at first. Strange and even a little unnerving.

The work that I have developed this into, is the most powerful work I have ever done. I have an ability to know that runs deeper than any knowing I have ever had. Granted I am a Mystic, yet this language of the Autonomic Nervous System (A.N.S.) is not mystical at all. Yet it enhances the Mystic abilities far beyond meditation and the many other spiritual practices I engage in.

Learning the language of the A.N.S. is like learning a foreign language for the first time. It changes the meaning of the belief system one has and reveals the things that need to be laid to rest and the things that will fill those spaces. It is both a challenge and a great self-care tool that I am eternally grateful for.

Our A.N.S. is often overridden by the positive mind movement, and the fake it until you make it drive to overcome and be the best you can be.

For those who had an “OKAY” beginning with their caregivers, “A safe start” in life (safe regulation) have some embedded resiliency for this journey of life. Almost like a Nervous System reserve that lends access to regulation after stress and trials.

That looks like:

- Manages lots of stress well

- Manages to stay upbeat regardless of events

- Manages to keep self-care a priority.

Those who maybe didn’t get a “OKAY” beginning yet have done tremendous self-healing work, can gain the skills listed above.

Maintaining these skills is important especially during a pandemic.

At this time FEAR is increasing, fear of stability and sustainability for so many has jumped to the forefront of this time. Running along sided of the fear of the unseen pandemic. Anger at the unseen is increasing and the need to fight is at the tipping point. Yet we aren’t certain who to fight, the politicians, the doctors, the person who mistakenly said the wrong thing. The person who doesn’t believe what you believe.

At this time separation is at a all-time high.


Yesterday I was in a training on how to assist POST COVID and CURRENT COVID.

The key elements the medical trainers mentioned were:

- Water, movement, vitamins, Nervous System Reset and Co- Regulation.

Water – did you know that we need to function 1 once of water for every .5 or more lbs. of weight we carry? I knew that, yet I am guilty of not consuming enough water. This became pretty clear for me to assist in the Nervous Systems sense of strength and regulation I need to up my water. I am curious, do you know what it would feel like to be in the presence of some one thirsty and overriding this thirst because they don’t want to have to be running to the bathroom as much. I invite you to ask yourself what it’s like for you to override this very important self-care task that is so simple and will help the Autoimmune system at this time. I did.

Movement – I have not always had a good relationship with movement, I have since learned that most of my movement challenges are due to trauma. Outside of walking around the house or yard and errands movement has been challenging. Sometimes moving when I was little elicited a smack or other form of abuse. I began to practice being still and it became a pattern for me that does not support health. As I learn the language of my A.N.S. I am releasing the trapped energy and able to move more. I am a long way from the gym or a regular exercise routine, yet I am swaying more, moving my arms and legs more and even stretching.

This is different for me.

Vitamins - talk to your doctor about what ones will best support your body.

Nervous System (N.S.) Reset & Co-Regulation - big words that I never truly connected to before my education in Somatic Experiencing. S.E.

These two things require social interaction. At this time that is becoming a threat on such a grand scale that there is great concern in the mental health field.

To experience N.S. Regulation, we need to engage socially, to experience co-regulation we need to engage socially.

For those who are challenged by video connecting I invite you to be curious about why and what your barriers are. Not needing to change them, just coming into relationship with these barriers.

The possibility of having to maintain video connection for the next year is real. And just like when computers first came out, there was a lot of fear of them, and resistance to their future. Video connection is here to stay. Even in the wake of Covid Post Isolation.

FEAR will interfere with socializing, possibly right away or a little later, it will be lurking in the ANS unless we work at it now, before it takes over.

When social interaction is minimalized, we are losing the down regulation aspect of Co-Regulation, of connection.

This is harming us all. It is creating Dysautonomia. definition for Dysautonomia – it is a noun, and its definition is: abnormal functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System.

This is dysregulation and keeps us in these dysregulated states that can and possibly will create a coupled trauma pattern.

Connection = Danger

For those of us with a not so safe childhood, connection = danger pattern may already exist. This world pandemic increases the damage to our nervous system.

We may have had some relief during the lock down with no pressure to accept invites to social events that made us uncomfortable to begin with. Yet the duration has increased the threat.

I invite you to come into relationship with this aspect of your journey, not to change it, nor judge it. Just to begin to understand an important aspect of you that you may not fully understand.

With the road we all have ahead, the more we are in relationship with ourselves, our journey and taking the opportunity to be social, safely. We create a greater outcome to this pandemic and to our journey.

My invitation is for us;

1. To acknowledge and not dismiss, quarantine fear, wage loss fear, sustainability fear.

2. Honor what we have lost, social activity. Grieve for the way it was paves a path to opening the door to what is. Grieve for what we lost.

3. Addiction towards positivity breaks down healing, grieve for what we have lost as a result of this addiction.

4. Acknowledge that increased vigilance keeps stress high and depletes autoimmune system ability to combat disease.

5. Invite down regulation via coming into relationship with the truth. By saying the following, with a gentle rocking of your body, or walking.

a. I have struggled

b. I am not alone

c. I have made it

d. I am alive

e. I am here

f. I am safe

g. I froze today, that is just my nervous system NS taking care of me.

h. I have ______ to talk to.

6. Connect to a buddy, one who is interested in mutual health, give each person space to say all of the above while on the phone or video chat with you.

7. We have to keep functioning, we may experience freeze again, honor that it’s the bodies defense mechanism, move from side to side as we notice.

8. Phone a friend at least once a week if not more, stay social.

9. Taking 2 minutes to stay social, say hello and I am here is co-regulation.

10. Drink the required amounts of water.

11. MOVE

This is the new language, the language of you. We can’t have Me, Myself and I with one of them missing.

Here is my definition of Me, Myself and I. I am okay if you don’t agree with it.

Me = Brain and Central Nervous System.

Myself = Autonomic Nervous System.

I = Vagus Nerve with its receptors,

- Eyes – sight

- Ears – sound

- Nose – smell

- Tongue – taste

- Skin, hands – touch.

- Energy – gut instinct

This is a challenge, yet it is what will boost our moral and fuel our ANS.

If you want to work deeper on anything that this might have brought up for you, reach out.

I am living proof that the ANS patterns can change and my ability to be present for me and others has increased beyond my wildest imaginings.

Feel free to join me and others ever second Monday evening for a online gathering for guided visualization connecting self to body and inner self.

email me for more details.

Love and light to you all.

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