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Nov 15 2015 - My Grief

Grief blocks all feelings except darkness, is darkness a feeling?  

It is one to me.  

I am living but not alive.  

I don't smell the flowers, see the sun rise or set. 

 I don't see goodness at all. 

Just this empty darkness. 

I know that the world around me is alive, I just can't feel it.  

I know that I am loved, I just can't feel it.

I breathe but, can not life's breathe.

This is the hell that I was thrust into, it has been a year.  

Life flaunts itself all around me, as I angrily reject it.  

Why do I reject it?  

Why do I struggle to free myself from this darkness?  

I am frustrated by the continuous darkness, I want more, 

yet am bound by grief in this hell. 

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