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Nov 21 2015 - 4:14 pm - Energy Matters

I posted this on an Empowering Empath group page because of how much information is coming forward regarding others energy.

Yet little is regarding the "Empaths" energy.  

To me, that is promoting only one side of the reality.

If you are an Empath, you must also own how you affect others to navigate the world.


To feel at home in your own skin as an Empath. 

What I posted;

As an Empath, I wanted to share somethings I have been pondering;

1st. - There is a lot of information out now on how to take care of my self when in connection to what is "negative ". 

 For this, I am truly grateful.

2nd. - I want to know if anyone has come across any information, guidelines, etc for me the Empath and how the world experiences my energy.  

To me energy is affected by everyone and everything, I must not only own how I respond and also how I contribute to energy..

I have learned that I affect the energy of others just as much if not more sometimes as the energy of others effects me.  

I know when my energy is too big for those "in the moment."  

I mention this when I am aware, lots of people don't always understand.  

Is there any information that anyone knows on this aspect of being an Empath.


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