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Nov 28 2014 - I did fall flat on my face!

Reading an old blog from; Monday, 14 April 2014 "Reading past entries"

I did fall flat on my face!

She didn't take her life!

She did pass away!

I am grieving,

Grief is a common experience for all.

Many people measure grief, saying ones grief is greater than mine or someone elses.

Grief is Grief.

How one experiences grief is the only difference.

I am experiencing the fullness of my grief, I am diving in fully and completely regardless of how hard it is for others to see, to be around the intensity of my grief.

I know that if I don't I will die.

I know Vickie Howarth would not want me to die with her.

I know that there are so many around that loved her for who she truly was, not for anything they might of heard about her.

I know Vickie would want me to live, and grieving is a part of living to the fullest.

I have faith that I will stand again!


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