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Nov 28 - 2014 - That Day

She had been uneasy, trying to tell me something.  Waking me up every 5 minutes, telling me I had to get up, I had to be prepared.  That something painful was going to be shared with me.

I told her I needed to sleep for work in the morning, she said I was not going to go to work, that she was worried for me, that it was important that I be prepared for the news.

How easy it is to dismiss messages one gets, we tell ourselves we are just imagining, that we need to something else, rather than listen to the message that is coming in from dimensions outside our Consciousness.

I wanted to sleep, she wanted me to prepare.

What I had to prepare for was beyond my imagination, I had felt it, knew it had happened on a soul level, didn't want to believe it.

I remember the ringing of the telephone, the laughter and joking seconds before, the joy in my home that was instantly torn to shreds,



I remember the screaming horror as deep guttural sound exploded out of me, out of my body.

I remember my legs no longer strong enough to hold me.

I remember the white noise that got louder with each breath.

I remember the world stopped for me at that moment.

I remember the horror of emptiness that consumed me.

I remember her screaming; "I AM STILL HERE!"

I remember her saying; "I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE!"

I will always remember,


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