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October 15 2014 - Conversations with the Shadow

How to avoid becoming closed off or bitter.

Some keys to becoming generous.

Crankiness is modeled every day on television, what you spend time invested in you become.

It is not spiritual to stop watching the news or television; it is about what you want to feed your brain along with being aware of how much you are investing in what!

If people are in pain and the pain is not mediated well, people don’t want to be around others, they want everyone to go away.  If one invests in escaping via whatever form they choose they are resisting that part of themselves that is desperate to be honored.  If we just sit with them, with ourselves without requiring anything different, just being in that space we are no longer in resistance.

If we become an investigator, look at the feelings or situation from lots of different angles, we might crack our resistance just a tiny, tiny bit.  So that awareness and understanding may creep in through that tiny crack.

Sometimes we become disappointed and we haven’t had anybody to talk to and work it through with, this is because we were conditioned to believe we were not enough, or we will be a burden to those we try and reach out to.  Just because we have made pour decisions in reaching out in the past does not mean we should give up reaching out... 

We fail at every attempt we do not make… 

Find someone to talk to, if no one is available to journal and then you can return to it later when someone is available. 

Be that someone for yourself…

To become a generous open person means that when you have been hurt, you integrate it, you take steps towards healing.

You don’t say “Well you know it’s silly, I am overreacting”. 

Find a genuine guide, not someone who only listens well, for you may need more than listening at the moment. 

Therapy is applying another’s theory, because your theories may no longer be working for you.

If you begin to take care of your soul and your spirit through honoring, protecting and guarding. Through "healing up" (integrating) the wounds that range from the tiniest hangnail to the deep lacerations you will begin to develop a generous nature.

This is the key to bypassing bitterness in old age, you see when you are like Swiss cheese with holes all over you never being able to fill up you always feel like there is nothing left for you to give...

Generosity is a never-ending supply of time, love, kindness.

Offer this to yourself


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