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The energy of the world is louder than everything.

Our world is full of so many different views, and coming to terms with what fits each of us individually is not something that can happen in solitude.

Every second Monday evening, I offer a moment of connection to assist in the continuation of one of our very basic needs.

I invite you to join me and the others who are with me every second Monday evening.

Take a moment for you. I hope to see you soon.

“Our nervous system requires social interaction,” Porges says.

Many of us spend hours on Video conferencing and are struggling to consider even one more moment in this format.

What I am offering is not work, is not strenuous, it is a connection, combined with guided visual experiences that promote a release of the daily stressors, and the global stressors that are real at this moment even if they don't seem tangible.

I offer some basic tools to assist with the video connecting, and the effects this has on our eyes and the rest of our body. These effects are increasingly damaging our ability to be present in these times.

Porges says. “Without that information, our bodies can’t calm down.”

The best part of this evening is a connection. People from all over are connecting, the session is video recorded, (only I am in the video) that stays in the event so that if you wish to access it again, you are able to.

I make certain to assist each person in removing their concerns about watching themselves on video and being recorded.

The recording stops after the information on what our bodies are experiencing, and the Guided Visualization so that when the sharing begins, it's not recorded.

Message for more information. Stay well

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