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Anticipatory Grief Jan 25 2013

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Jan 25 2013 - GRIEF

The Anger is only a symptom of something deeper...

Grief moves through me with

Volcanic Velocity...

How does one release the horror of watching what they percieve as a child throw their life away?

How does one rise out of the need to save this child?

How does one find themselves in this horror?

I am consumed by such pain this causes it feels as though I have lost my way...

Trapped by the mother child connection, I am a prisoner to this ciaos, prisoner to this sorrow. Turn my pain, my sorrow and my fear into love, light and courage is what I read as suggestion for such a place?

As much as I have risen above so much, I am drowning in this grief... this pain, this sorrow...

This is my child, who has children...

Her children and her siblings are all suffering along side of me, in the nightmare of addiction...

Letting this child fall is horrifying for me...

I am angry at this situation;

I am lost in it...

I fell void of hope, void of tools, and void of faith as this child leads such a life, while feeding the addiction in whatever way they can...

For the addiction has become this Childs false God, worshiping it whenever possible...

I am angry for allowing hope to deny the truth of the person’s addiction, as I heard the words ever so clearly, from this Childs intoxicated body;

"Addicts fail, fall back into the addiction regardless of how far they have come, how much work they have done, or how many are holding their world around them together.!"

The message the addiction sends is;

"No matter what you do, you cannot help!"

"No matter how much you love, you cannot save!"

"You don't count, you don't matter, and you are only there to be manipulated by the addiction!"

Yet hope drives one to challenge these messages, to prove them wrong, the need of a mother to save the child no matter the age is also an addiction in a way.

It is the co-dependant addiction.

The hero complex is no different from the mother complex...

Having both is the cross I must bear...

I pray I rise above this addiction, this complex...

For this is all I can do...

After the explosion comes the questions:

Why Creator gave me four children?

Creator knew I did not wish for one Child, that I feared all that came from being a mother. Creator also knew I would give my life for each and every one of these children from the moment I knew they were growing within me...

Much pain has come from being a mother, many wounds haunt me this day as I strive to connect to the love I have for these children.

What have I done to bring myself so much pain?

To bring these four children such a mother?

What is the purpose of all of this?

What is the gain in such pain, I cry as the uncontrolable tears ozze from me?

What is the purpose of the loss of a child?  

What could the outcome be for the family that looses one?

What is the lesson in this?

What is the lesson in being a parent of an addict? 

What is the lesson?????

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